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Wynwood – Miami, Florida

DSC_0929 (2)

In Miami, Florida my friend and old MIT classmate Benji  gave us an amazing “city planning” tour right off the plane from the Dominican Republic on Sunday morning.  It turned out to be the perfect cure for a Caribbean hangover, especially for the birthday girl who got to sleep it off in the backseat of the car.

I had gone to middle school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida which makes Miami familiar (as in, “Take me to the most delicious pork in the world, I know it’s here,” kind of way; which Benji totally nailed by getting pan con lechon here), but also exciting to see how much the city has changed, particularly in our tour of Wynwood, an incredible art district that seems to be booming. Cute restaurants and coffee shops abound between industrial block-sized art projects and parks.

DSC_0936 (2)

DSC_0950 (2)

DSC_0946 (2)

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DSC_0931 (2)

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{Adorable and most fresh Panther Coffee}

Caribbean Craved


My first stop after leaving the World Bank was to celebrate my girlfriend’s 30th birthday in the Dominican Republic, and then a few days in Miami, Florida to visit my friends Jonathan and Benji. Beach vacation in the DR included a lot of sunbathing, embarrassing banana boat rides, and cocktails. But like any 30 and over vacation, it was counter-balanced with equal parts water and sunscreen.

DSC_0739 (2)

{The Birfday Girl}



{Spotting the ultimate booze cruise}

It was awesome being a tourist in a bathing suit after a Delhi summer and before a Seattle winter. Good memories to bring into these shorter and colder days.

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Fruit Sandwich


Fruit sandwhich as a concept didn’t jump out at me like, say, “Fried ______” does, but I was still intrigued. Tennille took me through some back alleys of Old Delhi to find her man who specializes in them. We tried three types: mango, banana, and pomegranate – and they all were served on white bread and thinly sliced paneer drizzled with jam. It was excellent. This is the true foodies’ peanut butter and jelly.


{Winding our way}

fruit sandwich

{Made to order}


{Waiting for fruit goodness}





Black and White

DSC_1405 V2

To call Old Delhi dense or hectic would be a gross understatement. In most of New Delhi I, like most women and foreigners, find myself at the center of a lot of attention (read: staring). But in Old Delhi the chaos simply consumes you, and I find I can roam around relatively undetected. Perhaps it’s because they’re so used to wide-eyed tourists, but I think it’s more the grind these people find themselves in everyday. Cycle-rickshaws pulling an entire family of six; heavy blocks of ice being carted through congested alleyways; and thousands of kachories being fried in gallons of oil by the hour – with barely any room to stand still. The chaos, while intoxicating, felt more digestible in black and white.








Rest Stop

rest stop forrest

{Afternoon walk}

This month we’re trying to fit in a trip up north to the mountains to break up the last (?) couple months of Delhi heat.  For some reason it made me think of a random chai/snack stop we took on the way to Rishikesh last spring. One of my favorite things about road trips in India (which I do a lot for work) is the chai stop. We took a quick walk behind the kitchen, and ate some fresh made paratha (a dense stove fried/roasted bread usually stuffed with cauliflower or paneer) with homemade pickled chilies before continuing our journey up north.  A reminder to alwasy make time for stops along the way.

black and white rest stop

{Counting cars}


{Fresh backyard air}

sugar cane

{Sugarcane juice made-to-order}


{Chai, please}

rest stop traffic 2

{Ambitious shipments}

risheksh rest stop 2

{Only the best companions}

California Fleeting


{A hometown night out with some of the bests}

I have done several posts from my recent California trip (here, here, here, and here), so I’ll end it with a few final highlights which remind me of all the old and new rituals ten quick days can give you. Enjoy the (memories/pictures of the) weather!


{Much needed day-after eggs and tortillas at the colorful, revamped Shoreline Coffee Shop}


sushi ran

{Lunch with Mama at Sushi Ran}

cabbage rolls

cabbage rolls 2

{Vietnamese Cabbage Rolls}

California fleeting

{Finally throwing out our wedding cake (beautiful but inedible and, um, kind of gross)}


{Always taking in the coastline whenever possible}

Marin Living: Day Hiking


One of the best parts of having grown up in Marin is that most weekend and summer plans always involved hiking. I know dozens of local trails (though many of my good friends know much, much more), but I have a couple of favorites. One my parents have become really fond of lately is hiking to Cascade Falls from our house, which we got to do as a family before my sister headed back home. I also got to hike along the coast on Mount Tamalpais which, due to the fog, looks different each time – but somehow still feels as awe-inspiring as when I was in high school (or maybe it was the Abercrombie and Fitch hat I found in my old closet).  Though of course this time a little bit more special since it was my my Mom’s first time up there :).







Valencia Street, San Francisco


{A shot from my brother’s new furniture shop}

I used to live on the border of Noe Valley and the Mission in San Franisco near all the Valencia street coffee shops, people watching, and most of all food. I hadn’t been back there in couple years, and visited some friends at Casanova for one of the final nights of drinks (and El Farolito chile relleno burritos) before departing back to India. When arriving at the 16th St. bart stop I first thought, “This is dirtier than most streets in Delhi.” The mission absolutley reeked. But, as expected, I saw dozens and dozens of new esoteric high end bars and restaurants. A large contrast compared to Delhi where things are so deliberately separated – where many nice restaurants and high end establishements focus on making access for people’s drivers to drop or pick them up. I walked the long four blocks to the bar – often holding my breadth sa I do in Delhi – between drug addicts, google-ites, and people showing up for convenient store night shifts. All the while thinking of how urban grime and glamour can be arranged in so many ways.


{Walking down from Noe Valley}




{More shots of Therapy}