Back in Action


{Diana looking over sunset in Kathmandu Valley}

After a month and a half of some serious juggling with moving continents; saying goodbye to Delhi, DC and the World Bank; traveling up and down the east coast; and moving into our new home in Seattle – I had to take a break from the blog completely. But as much as I needed the time off, I missed the structure blogging offers for creating for myself. So let’s go people, no more breaks!

Before I get into what’s happened, I’d love to ask for feedback on what you’d like the blog to focus on now that I’ve relocated. Continuing the blog with a completely different city and career trajectory (but, luckily, still with the same hubby 😉 has been a little daunting for me, so suggestions are very much welcome.


{Last minute afternoon boat cruise in the Dominican Republic}


{Touring Miami’s artsy-up-and-coming Wynwood}


{One last weekend trip to NYC for celebrations and to see my new nephew}


{Great light in Central Park}

I’ll be posting snippets of some of travels this week, and hopefully start integrating more Seattle Living and career development thoughts as this blog continues. To start – *BREAKING NEWS* – it is currently raining in Seattle, but the coffee and beer are great.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

5 thoughts on “Back in Action

  1. I agree with Linda – happy to hear you are back! I personally enjoyed reading your career and lifestyle posts. It’d be interesting to read about your approach to job searching, or if you are just enjoying life and see where it takes you! Also, would love to see your new stomping grounds. Basically..everything. 🙂

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