Trek Snacks


{Hot lemon honey and stovetop popcorn}

First off, let me apologize for the lapse in posts last week – I am apparently have not mastered the art of time released posts. I was annoyed to realize this when I came back, but was quickly relieved when I found out that my blog has been featured on InterNations as a expat-Delhi resource. They asked me a bunch of questions and put up a picture of me, so if you’re into that you should check it out!

Anyways, here are some delicious highlights of the insane calorie intake that was the past week of trekking. The dozens and dozens of snickers bars consumed by us (you can buy them along the trail for about US$2.50) and one snicker momo (a deep fried snickers-filled empanada) are not pictured.


{Breakfast of champions: Chiapati and fried eggs}


{Fried cabbage and carrot pakora on the drive up}


{Staying hydrated!  I am sure Evan appreciates me putting up this pic}


{Delicious buckwheat everywhere}


{Local fresh berry juice – tasted like passion fruit}


{Yak everything: yak cheese (mmmmmm…), yak milk, yak tea, yak curd…}


{Chocolate cake served with cleaver, naturally}


{To get chocoloate cake we had to order a whole chocolate cake; we assured them this wouldn’t be a problem}

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