Post-Trek Blues


When stomping down the mountain from our week-long trekking journey to Lang Tang last week I couldn’t stop thinking about pizza, cold beer, and clean clothes. I thought about how happy those things would make me, and how I couldn’t wait to conquer the mental to-do list I’d been managing in my head for the past seven days. It reminded me of all the times I’d gone out to Evan’s family’s cabin on a remote coast of Washington State. We’d enjoy being unplugged for days, but as soon as we started making city plans we couldn’t pack up the car fast enough. It felt like the city was running away from us, and we had to race alongside to jump on.


This time though it was different. I had the same sensation on the final day of the trek as I began to feel closer to the city. I distinctly didn’t miss these things during the trek, but was excited to embrace them as we descended and began to see signs of roads being within reach.


But when I got back I didn’t feel as I had expected. After a long, hot shower I sulked while putting on make up and my nicest clothes I’d packed. I binged on internet, organized my trip pictures, ate pizza, and drank wine. But it all just made me cranky. I was cranky because it was really over.


On the trek I knew I was having a blast – I loved the physical challenge, basically laughed non-stop, and saw some of the most distant and beautiful scenery and life I’ve ever seen. But I didn’t even realize that the absence of much of my life was also so special. To spend all day for 6 days just worrying about my physical performance – where the only deadline I had was sunset, the only clothes I could wear were the ones that smelled the least gross (I can hear my sister saying, “Eww,” right now), and the only calorie counting I did was to make sure I didn’t run out of steam (thank you emergency snickers). I got a solid break from juggling the logistical reality of some big changes I’m about to go through (more on that later), and just enjoy conquering the mountains with my best of friends.



After a couple of days of being back in Delhi I’ve settled into my urban existance happily again. Hailing autos, ordering delivery, and catching up on email. Enjoying the chaos and juggling that is my life, but still holding onto some peices of solitude from the Himalayas that didn’t get washed out with the laundry. Happy Monday friends.

5 thoughts on “Post-Trek Blues

  1. Having participated in this trek I can attest that the post-trek blues are incredibly tough to deal with! Awesome post snake eyes.

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