Mazaar – Lajpat Nagar


{Fresh Afghani Bread}

Mazaar has helped me fall in love with Afghani food in India. It’s tucked away in Lajpat just a few blocks from the main market and is definitely worth a visit. It arguably has some of the best fried chicken in town, and their eggplant (Baijan Bharta) has instigated hours of Afghani recipe searches on the internet for me. I find myself easily making up errands in lajpat just to rational lunch or dinner there. Serious goodness – here are some of my favorites.


{Roasted eggplant – Baigan Bharta}


{Decor that makes you swear you are in a SoCal strip mall}


{Yes, this is really the cover of their menu}


{Fried chicken!}


{My personal fav: “Ashok” lentil dumplings – amazing South Asian Raviolis}

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