Big Man Small World: Metro Man


{Women passing by the men’s metro line at Central Secretariat Station}

Ah, a much neglected series on Meet Me Here & There (as seen previously here, here and here). But the big man is back to take you through the great silver lining of Delhi’s public services: the Delhi metro. It’s clean, reliable, fast, airconditioned, and cheap. It’s already carrying over 2,000,000 passengers a day, and by 2021, it’ll be a larger the London’s tube network.

Rush hour on the metro, however, is pretty intense. This is particularly true for men (which by my gut observations make up apporximately 99.999% of Delhi metro passengers), as displayed by the long security lines reaching up above ground at every entrance. This in contrast to the women only lines (provided at every station) which I’ve never seen stretch longer than a few dozen women. This week I met Evan at the Central Secretariat metro stop and got the second-hand Big Man experience on the metro during rush hour – which I found requires a little more patience.


{Big man with big patience}


{Security pat-downs}


{Birds eye view over the luggage x-ray machine}


{Thank goodness for fresh air above the crowd}


{Women’s car – don’t be alarmed when your fellow woman sits directly on you}

nehru place

{View from Neru Place station – reminder of how Delhi is both a concrete and literal jungle}


{Some final flare exiting the Neru Place station}

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