1010 Nail Spa: OPI Decadence


When I first arrived to 1010 Nail Spa, the owner asked me why I hadn’t reviewed beauty salons on my blog. Beauty salons are a staple of Delhi living, where women regularly spend whole days getting massages, manicures, pedicures, and skin treatments to relieve their bodies of the city. But compared to the US, beauty salons are a total different experience here. The facilities are often pretty bare bones and crowded, even by just the inordinate number of staff (I once had three people blowdry my hair at the same time). And to be frank, I always kind of cringe at the mystery products being slathered onto me. Sure a massage feels great, and regular pedicures are practicaly mandatory for Delhi summer, but I hadn’t been to a salon that felt “lifestyle” blog worthy and exciting for readers.


My friends and I had heard the buzz about this all-OPI-product nail salon in Mehr Chand Market, so I pretty much bolted towards the place when they asked me to come in to review it. Tennille joined me on the review, and we completely fell in love with the place. As someone who had been just rotating between my two OPI nailpolish colors (they are the only kind I find to last more than 24 hours), I was completely in heaven with this high end “nail bar” concept arriving to Delhi. The staff were amazing – gentle, detailed, and fluent in English – and with inspiring manicures themselves. The upstairs location itself, while small, is completely posh and adorably decorated with pink accents. We each got a Spa Manicure and Pedicure almost a week ago now, but I have to admit I’m still feeling fancy.


{Trendy neons – our personal manicure choice}


{Sparkly pedicures}



{Comfy leather seats and amazing staff}


{Final product (me on the right, Tennille on the left)}


{Fancy drinks for fancy nails, naturally}

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