Rest Stop

rest stop forrest

{Afternoon walk}

This month we’re trying to fit in a trip up north to the mountains to break up the last (?) couple months of Delhi heat.  For some reason it made me think of a random chai/snack stop we took on the way to Rishikesh last spring. One of my favorite things about road trips in India (which I do a lot for work) is the chai stop. We took a quick walk behind the kitchen, and ate some fresh made paratha (a dense stove fried/roasted bread usually stuffed with cauliflower or paneer) with homemade pickled chilies before continuing our journey up north.  A reminder to alwasy make time for stops along the way.

black and white rest stop

{Counting cars}


{Fresh backyard air}

sugar cane

{Sugarcane juice made-to-order}


{Chai, please}

rest stop traffic 2

{Ambitious shipments}

risheksh rest stop 2

{Only the best companions}

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