Lodi – The Garden Restaurant (New Delhi, India)


Lodi Gardens is one of the best tourist destinations in Delhi, made only better if you grab lunch, dinner or a cocktail in the Garden Restaurant. The restaurant (located inside of Lodi Gardens just off Lodi Road) invited me last week to come try their new summer Monsoon Menu, and I could not have been more thrilled. It was one of the first restaurants I ever tried in Delhi (nearly five years ago!), back when it was a welcome break from the chaos of the city,  but still in the backdrop of the beautiful Lodi Garden.  I have been back several times since (though unfortunately never to sprawl out in the lounge area as I still have on my Delhi bucket list), and was excited to try a new summer menu. Tennille was also kind enough to offer her blogging expertise and accompany me with eating everything they would let us the review.


The best part of the restaurant is both the location and restaurant setting itself. It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places you’ll find in Delhi, with great colors and decor with plenty of outdoor seating spaces (tables, lounge sofas, and a nice smoking area). The ingredients are always incredibly fresh (especially for non-veg/meat lovers) and made completely from scratch.  Their menu is always changing, but builds on a reliable mix of international cuisine.


Though I generally go for cocktails or wine at Lodi, I tried their Tropicana “mocktail” which consisted of fresh pineapple, coconut cream, and lemon leaf; and I am now completely converted to using lemon leaf in drinks. It tasted a lot like lemongrass which I now think would also be delish.


The king prawn appetizer had some of the freshest and tastiest prawns I’d come across in Delhi. The real star of the meal came though with the smoked duck. Loved it’s surprising fruit-based sauce accompaniment.  Definitely the winner of the meal.



We finished it off with both of the deserts, naturally. Our favorite was the plum sorbet (plums are seasonally amazing here right now), but we also gobbled up the grilled honey-glazed peaches as if we hadn’t already eaten four plates of food.



And let’s not forget the completely stocked bars (indoor and outdoor) and their assortment of seasonal cocktails my friends.




Oh Lodi – you remain a reliable and looked-forward-to Delhi mainstay. Perfect for happy hour, and definitely still one of my #1 for bringing out of town guests. Bon appetite!

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