Valencia Street, San Francisco


{A shot from my brother’s new furniture shop}

I used to live on the border of Noe Valley and the Mission in San Franisco near all the Valencia street coffee shops, people watching, and most of all food. I hadn’t been back there in couple years, and visited some friends at Casanova for one of the final nights of drinks (and El Farolito chile relleno burritos) before departing back to India. When arriving at the 16th St. bart stop I first thought, “This is dirtier than most streets in Delhi.” The mission absolutley reeked. But, as expected, I saw dozens and dozens of new esoteric high end bars and restaurants. A large contrast compared to Delhi where things are so deliberately separated – where many nice restaurants and high end establishements focus on making access for people’s drivers to drop or pick them up. I walked the long four blocks to the bar – often holding my breadth sa I do in Delhi – between drug addicts, google-ites, and people showing up for convenient store night shifts. All the while thinking of how urban grime and glamour can be arranged in so many ways.


{Walking down from Noe Valley}




{More shots of Therapy}




2 thoughts on “Valencia Street, San Francisco

  1. In the early 80s, I worked at Columbia Park Boys’ Club.
    About 10 years later, I met Scott Harrison, the owner of The Abandoned Planet Bookstore (now closed, I believe) at the Fairlawn Hoyel in Calcutta (as it was called then).
    Is La Cumbre still open? In the early 80s, they served the BEST steak burritos, and there was always a very long line for them. Since then, many other burrito places opened up.

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