Fighting Jet Lag: Melatonin

I am officially a melatonin convert. I’ve tried a lot of things to get over jetlag – other over the counter sleep aids, excessive gym work outs, superstitious sleep cycles before flights – you name it. Several coworkers had told me the majority of their jet-lag sleep deprivation problems were solved by melatonin, but I just never got around to obtaining it in time for my sleepless nights. It is an all-natural sleep aid and, unlike other over-the counter sleep aids, I found the sleep to be truly restful. I finally bought this bottle at Whole Foods before returning to India, and will never look back. I recommend the 3mg dose that I bought, and to use it for the first 5-7 days just before you go to bed after you arrive to a new time zone. It not only helps you fall asleep (which is rarely my problem), but I found it relaxed me to sleep through at least most of the night. It’s a great change to hear at the office, “You don’t look jet lagged!” as opposed to, “Wow, still adjusting I see. You look really, really tired.” Haven’t people learned to not say that yet? Best $10 I’ve spent this month.

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