So San Francisco

As I gear up to leave San Francisco and Marin county, I’m trying to soak up as much of the area as possible – the food, weather, and people in particular. When I first got here I was a little disoriented after being gone for so long – I couldn’t get over how quiet everything was. I went to a Rite Aid with my Mom and literally said, “Where is everyone?” Thinking about how packed a Rite Aid would be anywhere in Delhi. So for the rest of the week you’ll find me drinking local brews, eating tacos, and aimlessly standing lines (lines! I love lines!).

1 thought on “So San Francisco

  1. Where in Marin County? I was raised in Novato.
    Are there Rite Aids in Delhi? I have been to Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore and have not seen a Rite Aid. There are, however, numerous chemist shops/pharmacies, and because they are everywhere, there is usually not much of a crowd.
    I do empathize with you regarding reverse culture-shock. Before I first visited Calcutta (as it was then called), I was told that it was EXTREMELY congested. Because I was told that, I did not get culture shock when I experienced it. However, when I returned to S.F., the city that I thought was very populated suddenly seemed so small.

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