Indian Accent, New Delhi (Restaurant Review)


{Yogurt filled profiterrols}

Evan and I tried the much recommended Indian Accent to celebrate our one year anniversary, located in in the beautiful Manor Hotel in New Friends Colony. We opted to get the tasting menu (one vegetarian, and one non-vegetarian), which seemed necessary given the extensive and intimidating menu a la cart menu. The coctails were great, but the food I had before had been perhaps a tad over-hyped. Don’t get me wrong, I left happy and full, and I would still definitely recommend going there for a special occasion because the service and presentation was the best I’ve had in Delhi. They also said they had just started a new summer menu – here it is in full color!


{Naan stuffed with cheese, bacon, or mushrooms = heaven}


{White pea ragda}




{potato sphere chaat}



{Shredded kolhapuri chicken salad}


{Meetha achaar chilean spare ribs}


{Kashmiri morel musallum, crushed roast walnut, parmesan papad}


{Kulfi sorbet}


{Tadka vegetables}


{Kesar pista brûlée}



4 thoughts on “Indian Accent, New Delhi (Restaurant Review)

  1. That morel with walnuts and parmesan papad looks great. Mayl try to replicate it – just have to schlep over to the burned-out pine forests of central Washington to forage those morels.
    The Manhattan’s look great, too…but I better not start drinking at 10:23 a.m.

    1. The manhattans were definitely in your honor (since you introduced them to me!)! I would have to admit that the morel was not my favorite of the bunch – but I loved the idea of it. One thing that I really want to replicate is the creme brulee with cardamon – seemed easy enough, and was heeeeeavenly!

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