Delhi living

Going to the Delhi international airport to go on vacation in the US felt a little disorienting this weekend.  So many times I have made this long journey back to the US, but this time I wasn’t going home, but distinctly away from it.  While I can’t wait to go see my family, I can’t help but notice the many things I’ve become so accustomed to in Delhi that I know I’ll miss them in just my two weeks away.  Last week I made a list of things I couldn’t wait to do in California, so here is a list of Delhi things I’ll miss (in no particular order).

  1. Indian breakfast.  Of all Indian food, I’m surprised that I am most hooked Indian breakfast.  It makes going to work so much easier to look forward to eating eggs scrambled with chilies and sambars with poori in the morning.
  2. Autos – I wish I could quit you.  But your abundance and affordability will be hard to live without as I brave riding muni and golden gate transit again.
  3. Fresh lime soda – again, totally hooked.  Indian limes are solid gold.
  4. Hanging with South Delhi peops  – our growing community of fun and eclectic friends who are always ready to celebrate.
  5. Hindi lessons – finally making some pretty great strides recently with my hindi  and, not that I’m competitive or anything, it makes me sad to think of Evan moving ahead of me while I’m gone!
  6. The Delhi hustle – while the heat has been hard for me lately in Delhi, the crowds and chaos just as exciting and addictive.

See you in 2 weeks Delhi!

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