Ready, Set…

ready set

I’m going back to California in just a little over a week, and I feel pretty ready to sprint towards it. Without a ticket or timeline to go home it’s easier to sit still and focus where I am, but as soon as I had a countdown it has been pretty distracting.  I’m constantly making mental lists of everything I want to do when I get home.  Here are some of the sillier highlights:

1.) Eat at Pho Phu Quoc right off the plane with my Mom.
2.) Get pork tacos and tamales at Mi Pueblo in San Rafeal with my Dad.
3.) Make huge salads with tons of arugula and avocado (like food much?).
4.) Run through Tennessee Valley.
5.) Make shredded pork bowls with my Mom (featured in the main picture here).
6.) Go to Target and buy ridiculous amounts of things I “need” to bring home.
7.) Go out in the mission with old friends.
8.) Walk to downtown Mill Valley to get coffee with my sister.
9.) Take a walk along stinson beach.

Obviously there is a lot more to add, but its a fun start. Have a great weekend!

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