A room with a view


{Top floor of the Westin in Dhaka, Bangladesh}

At times over the past five years I have really felt like I live in a hotel.  Which is odd, because I actually live in many hotels, in many cities, often in different countires.  They begin to blend into each other – where I get used to coming back to a single room with dependably clean linens and tandoori room service, my laptop, and HBO Asia.  But even when you stay at hotels that can feel the same, there is always a different view. Maybe it’s a brick wall, or a beautiful river, or sometimes even a garbage site.  You’ll never know until you take time to pull back the curtains.


{Divine Ganga Cottage in Rishikesh, India – though this was not the view from the room, but from the common terrace}


{Hotel Polo Towers in Shillong, India}


{Radisson Blu Hotel in Ranchi, India}


{The Oberoi Hotel in Shimla, India (one of my all time favorite hotels)}


{Window visitor at the Imperial Hotel in Delhi, India}

4 thoughts on “A room with a view

  1. It is always nice to take a pic of your window view. It reinforces remembering where you have been. My favorite is Mill Valley Inn!!!

  2. I always love the idea of not knowing what the view will be – I don’t like picking ‘views’. Looks like you had some nice views (minus the garbage lot).

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