Birthdays and Reunions – Strasbourg, France


When I was based in the US and working in Asia travel was completely exhausting.  24 hours travel times and completely flipped time zones, only to turn right around again two weeks later.  There were, however, some big perks – namely flying through Europe. Last year on my way back from India my parents were on vacation in Europe for my mom’s birthday. I managed to meet them along with my Mom’s brother and his family (who had grown up in France) in Strasbourg on my way home to Washington.

strasburg lunch



I saw a lot of my family in France that I hadn’t seen in decades, where we reminisced about playing cards as kids, or eating $100 worth of McDonalds (there are a lot of us cousins) in Paris in the late 1980’s. That is the great part about being family – people that look just like you, or with the same favorite home-cooked dish or sense of humor, that live and move forward in a completely different corner of the World. My cousins now had beautiful and outgoing children; my youngest cousin was getting married that spring. It made the world feel big and small all at once to spend the day with this warm embrace and French backdrop. My family looked like a unique thread sewn across the world; tied up in a perfect bow just for that day. My mom was over the moon.


afternoon strasburg


If you get a chance to visit your cousins, aunts or uncles you haven’t seen in awhile I highly recommend it. And the charm of Strasbourg – also highly recommended.



{Yep, we’re related}

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