Cafe Turtle, New Delhi


When traveling for work in a place like Delhi, finding a place to go by yourself on weekends can be daunting. The city is infamously pedestrian un-friendly, so you can’t really wander around and stumble upon a fun neighborhood – you’re more likely to find yourself under a noisy flyover. Cafe Turtle’s bookstore was always a favorite destination of mine when I used to travel to Delhi on business. Their bookstores are inviting and have an interesting mix of international and Indian writers to choose from (all much cheaper than in the US). Their food is pretty great too – I used to live off of their cilantro pesto pasta whenever I was overwhelmed by Indian food, but now my favorite is their achaari aloo (an assortment of Indian-spiced potatoes and stuffed parathas) and all their baked goods are seriously good. It’s an all vegetarian cafe great for lighter, quieter meals; and a great place for a table for one + book.




{The entrance in GK-1 N-block market is on the ground floor for the bookstore; but you have to use the elevator outside Anokhi to get to the restaurant}

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