Marriott in Goa, India


My whole life I’ve really pushed the limit with cheap hotels. We’ve stayed at places all over the world for less than $10 a night, and Motel 6’s are a staple for me in the US (clean, consistent service – what else do you need?).  But Evan and I have been splurging a lot lately, particularly when my sister came to visit – allowing us to stay at places we would normally not consider, like the Marriott in Goa, India.  Which had a bar… in an infinity pool… on the ocean.  What more do you need?


{Side note: why do they love to put full glass walls in bathrooms here?}


{The pool!}


{Crazy nice lobby (don’t mind the motorbike dirt on my face )}


{Taking off for the day}

2 thoughts on “Marriott in Goa, India

    1. LOL! Totally don’t get it. Do you take a shower in your bathing suit? Or try to jerrry rig a makeshift curtain out of what you can find in the room – sheets, towels, husband?

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