4 Favorite Packing Essentials

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Living out of a suitcase for weeks on end for work can really evolve your list of things you can and can’t live without.  Let’s start with the “can’t” stuff – a few of my favorite travel peices that I never leave home without:

1. Target brand single-use nail polish remover pads – My sister discovered these and I wish I had discovered them years ago. Each time I forgot to take off my nailpolish before  a work trip you could find me hunting down nailpolish remover in the airport (unsuccessfully), eventually painfully scraping it off the nail polish fingernail by fingernail.

2. Currency Organizer – My mother in law gave me this – and again, don’t know what I did before.  Though I do miss looking in my wallet and saying, “All I have are these damn nepalese coins…”

3. Three ounce shampoo/conditioner/soap bottles – Tops that will flip and cover closed are much less likely to leak than those you press to open (see picture above).  I tend to buy the cheap ones since I have been known to leave them behind, but you can always opt for a fancier even more resilient option.

4. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Pads  – Makes you feel pampered and clean, even in the middle of an airport.

Also see my previous posts on traveling with your own personal pharmacy.

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