Updated: First Aid Kit – Summer Edition

Presentation V2

One of the first posts I did on Meet Me Here & There was on my own personal medicine packing regiment.  But I made the list in winter and quickly realized I had left out a couple key items: sunscreen and bug repellent (in travel form).

Bug repellent tip: get a small container that has a high concentration of DEET, the active ingredient which will be most effective at repelling mosquitos.  I personally don’t take malaria pills and instead use lots of repellent because, well, bugs effing love me.

Here’s the updated list – happy packing.

1. Pepto – or any all purpose stomach reliever, preferably pill form to avoid leaks
2. Tums smoothies – great for instant relief and way better than regular tums
3. Pain killers – tylenol (easy on stomach) and advil (joint/ligament pain)
4. Bandaids – every size
5. Immodium – because s#!+ can get real
6. Neosporin 
7. Benedryl – tablets and cream
8. Powder gatorate – individual servings, for dehydration from terrible things
9. Sudafed – or any decongestant, flying with congestion can hurt
10. Tissues – particularly for international bathrooms
11. Dayquil/Nightquil
12. Monistatsee previous post
13. Pepcid AC – spicy food abroad can kill
14. Cipro – the pill of last resort; never had to use it, but have heard too many bad stories not to carry it!  Ask your doctor for it before you travel.
15. Sunscreen – protect the money maker
16. Bug Repellent – see above.

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