Sunday Brunch at Yum Yum Tree: New Delhi, India

yum yum tree 1 Delhi has a lot of great food, but not so much with East Asian cuisine (Japanese, Chinese, etc.).  It’s often too fusioned with Indian tastes (why is chili paneer at all Chinese restaurants?), or it has a huge price tag.  I went to Yum Yum Tree’s Sunday brunch this weekend and loved every minute of it.  For about 2,000 INR (about US$40), you can get all you can eat sushi, dim sum, and entrees, as well as all you can drink coctails and proseco/wine.  It was fantastic – while still very much fusion, many dishes had completely authentic flavors (snowpea salad and steamed shrimp and spinach dumplings) or fun twists on old classics.  Also had hands down the best vegetarian sushi I have ever had.  Go with an empty stomach and a free evening to follow.


{Shrimp and scallop shumai}


{Mango Margarita – all coctails are made with fresh juice}

yum yum tree 2

{Assortment of dim sum – including duck and hoisin dumplings (bottom left)}


{Pork pastries}


 {Steamed shrimp and waterchestnut wrapped in spinach}


{Snow pea salad}


{Vegetarian avocado rainbow roll}


 {Asparagus tempura roll}

yum yum tree 3

{Highly recommended sugar-free Caprioska (right)}

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