Picture is Picture


Delhi airport dining options are pretty bleak – Dominos, McDonalds, and a few other Indian fast food joints.  One noodle-bowl place always sounded appealing, and I finally ordered a delicious looking meal pictured above on their LCD-screen menu.  It had beautiful flat rice noodles loaded with vegetables, and came with a side of egg rolls and a drink.  When my order came I got this instead pictured above.  The only thing resembling the picture was the Pepsi cup.  I looked at it sadly and said to the cashier, “This isn’t want I ordered,” pointing to the picture of what I had just paid for.

“Madam – picture is picture, but reality is reality,” he said half politely apologizing, half poking fun at me. I nearly died from laughter.  I couldn’t believe this guy wearing a purple and green noodle-bowl hat that I knew for just 5 minutes, basically summed up so much of my life in Delhi.

4 thoughts on “Picture is Picture

  1. Ha ha. Welcome to India. You should have seen the airport six years ago before it was remodeled. You wouldn’t dare eat there.

    1. I know! I shouldn’t be complaining – but I think I got too ambitious trying to get east asian food in the delhi airport :). Next time I’ll stick to samosas!

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