Spice Route, New Delhi, India: Restaurant Review


{Main dinin room}

My old boss Asha first took me to Spice Route inside the Imperial Hotel in Delhi. Its menu follows the historic spice route across south and southeast Asia – so you can find anything from pad see ew (thai), silken tofu and bok choy (chinese), to tamarind fish (South Indian), and they are all fantastic. The quality of ingredients are amazing, though be warned it is proportional to the price tag. They have an impressive wine list for Delhi, including some good wines all they way from Napa Valley, California. The best part of the restaurant though is definitely the decor – where each room of the restaurant has a great story of mythology and philosophy.  Worth a visit if you want some variety and a chance to splurge while in Delhi.


{Restaurant entrance}


{All meals start with shrimp flavored crisps (or a veg alternative) and dipping sauces}


{Yes, please}


{A restaurant wall, where each square symbolizes a different alignment of the planets}

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