Note Taking


{Camel-skin notebooks stacked outside a small shop in Udaipur, India}

After moving to india I went back to using my old phone, my first iPhone 3. I sometimes used it to take notes when i had no pen or paper nearby, and am now using it pretty often to draft blog entries when I am pressed for time between all the planes and trains I’m in these days.  I recently browsed the older notes from when Evan first moved to San Francisco (our first time really living in the same city after two years apart) and couldn’t believe what I found – notes of addresses for our first potential apartment, a itemised cost sheet of literally EVERYTHING we bought when we first moved in together, right down to toilet paper (I certainly easy going), and my personal favorite: notes for my maid of honor speech for my sister’s wedding in 2010.

This inspires me further to take digital notes, like this blog, as most tangible momentos that I would love to hoard to run into one day get easily ditched when constantly relocating for work.  I don’t have a menu from my and Evan’s first date or anniversary, but I do have countless emails showing how we began to know each other as just little kids eight years ago. Just a reminder to you all to take more pictures and write things down in hopes of running into it on a long train ride someday.

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