Elephant Rides

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For US$20, you can ride a beautifully dressed elephant up a mountain to the Amber Fort in Jaipur, India. Last time when I went with my in-laws we had arrived just at the beginning of the elephants’ lunch break (11am-3pm). I remember being disappointed, even wondering why they had to have such a long lunch break. This time we arrived early, waited an hour in line in the sun, and boarded our elephants at around 10am. But after seeing these elephants trek up and down the winding mountain road, carrying tourist after tourist, I felt extremely guilty for ever wanting to shorten their lunch break.

While we clearly got some great pictures, I have to admit I was irrationally, completely terrified the entire time, thinking our seat was going to topple over at any moment (I have issues with heights). To make it worse, there were tons of middle-aged spanish women on the elephants before and after us who were waving their hands for pictures, and even my Mom looked carefree. Meanwhile my knuckles were going completely white, and Evan was relentlessly taking pictures of my furrowed forehead while laughing histarically. And while I didn’t completely enjoy myself during the ride, it was – in the least – memborable.



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