Say “Cheese”

{Tourists taking pictures of cows lounging in the Jodhpur clocktower market}

I never used to regularly take pictures until the past 6 months, even though I’ve been traveling for work a several for years for work. I rationalized that it was because I wanted to enjoy myself in the moment, or that it might not be appropriate to take out my camera – both of which were and are often true.   Going to such crazy places for work though prompted me to consider taking more and better pictures, and finally investing in a DSLR.  Since I bought my new camera last fall, I have been way better in taking out, mostly owed to keeping up with this blog.

But one challenge I face is figuring out when I should force myself to take more pictures (which I am doing, and fully not regretting it), and when I should follow my instincts to leave my big Nikon bulge in my purse out of sight.  Taking a huge camera out is totally new to me, and I’m still figuring out where my personal approach, ettiquette, and limits are with photography.  For instance, if you ever see someone directly featured in my blog (not including those standing in the background/part of the scene), I have asked them if I can take their picture.  I figure that if I’m not comfortable enough to ask them to take their picture, it isn’t appropriate to attempt to do so.  For me this seems so obvious, but I have been really surprised by how many people don’t ask in India.  Not that I’m one to judge or dictate photography standards, as I’m very much just figuring out my own etiquette that I am comfortable.  I can feel quite awkward myself taking pictures with people looking on, but how else do you capture the beauty of the everyday, whether in India or in my own hometown in California?

How do you approach your photography while traveling?


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