Lauren and Chrittie in Lajpat


March was filled with the best of the best visitors from back home.  We got to show all of them around Delhi, and was really amazed by how much everyone loved India, but how they all took in each aspect of the city so differently.  But there was one unanimous favorite of all visitors: Lajpat Nagar Market.  My mother first called Lajpat my “WalMart” of Delhi.  It is a crazy bustling market, where you can buy everything from gold-chained sweatpants to brass cultery and stationary, all for a bargain.  Everyone loved the liveliness of the market, the deals, going home with fun treasures to remind them of everyday Delhi life.  I took my camera with last week when my friends Lauren and Christie were visiting, just as they began their shopping spree (first of two that is).








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