What are you looking for?

google search
Looking at who is reading your blog is completely addictive. Don’t worry, I can’t tell who specifically reads it, but I can see what country a reader was in, and what posts they read/clicked on.  For example, I know I have a daily follower somewhere in Uganda (hi! And thanks for reading!). Blogs can certainly make the world feel smaller and bigger all at once.

On wordpress.com analytics, you can also see search terms which have lead people to your blog via search engines like google, yahoo, etc.  My blog is still new, and while most of my readership is definitely family and friends, my blog has been on the other end of a few interesting internet searches, here are some of the best:

beautiful meditating asian
transportable tourist tower
fresh lime soda sweet healthy
rainy potato snacks
positive negative type

The top one was the first search term I ever recieved and was so creeped out I almost stopped the blog.  Luckily I persisted, and was able to eventually be part of someone’s internet journey for a rainy potato snacks.

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