Motorcycle Diaries: Goa, India


{Aloo Jeera heavy with cumin, and an ice cold fresh lime soda}

Last week I went to Goa with my husband, my sister, brother-in-law and some friends for some long awaited beach time. The vacation was a great reminder of:

  1. How diverse India can be in everywhere;
  2. I feel most calm near a large body of water, preferably salted ;);
  3. Towns of white hippies really do exist in India; and
  4. Evan and I just might be at our happiest while on a motorcyle/scooter together.

It was a fantastic weekend, and while I would definitely recommend including it in a broader India vacation, I wondered how odd it would be to think if “Goa” was the only part of India you ever saw. I found Goa so different than the rest of India, from the scenery that looked more like Mexico or Sri Lanka, to the massive floods of European hippie tourists (Ok, there were Americans too) that sunbathed topless.  It definitely felt like a whole different world all over again.


{Getting lost – in a good way – on winding highways – notice Evan’s awesome yarmulke/helmet}


{Country roads lined with palm trees and small churches}


{White sand beaches scattered with fishing boats and shacks for drinks and dining}


{Sunset view from the Marriott Hotel}

4 thoughts on “Motorcycle Diaries: Goa, India

  1. Hi Debbie-
    Your mom and I got together for lunch a couple days ago, and she told me about your blog. I enjoyed reading your comments and seeing the pictures. India is a fascinating place. Thanks for sharing-

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