Gold Rush


Anywhere you go in India, even in the most remote areas, you’ll find women wearing amazing, intricate, bold gold jewelry. While I can’t afford to buy the real stuff, they have a lot of options for costume jewelry that get just as many compliments :).

I found a narrow store called “Dubbai Gold” (you know it’s legit because it has two b’s) in the Lajpat market not wider than four feet, but that stretched back filled to the brim with beautiful gold costume jewelry. All the pieces we bought were silver plated with 24 karat gold, and after some lengthy bargaining was pretty damn affordable. It’s also a good way to see what I really love before I splurge for the real thing.


DSC_0420 V2





3 thoughts on “Gold Rush

  1. Wow! So gorgeous! My roommate in college was from India and she said that when they get married there they have to get rid of all their costume jewelry and are given pure gold ones. This is a dowry and even the poorest of families. Such an interesting culture! Thanks for sharing the photos – so amazing!

    1. Yes, you definitely see some women draped in gold taking wedding pictures – it is crazy that stuff is real! In the countryside you see women wear a lot of bling like this on the daily – it is where they hold all their “savings.” I just got an investment idea.

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