Grey Garden: Hauz Khas, New Delhi


Some great Delhi friends first introduced us to this hidden gem in the back of Hauz Khas Village. It’s charming, unique, and incredibly delicious. Their rooftop (weather permitting) offers a great hipster decor meets urban garden, and a great view of Hauz Khas Village lake.  The menu has been different every time we went, but this time was definitely the best. The staff are helpful and engaging – but with 4 flights of stairs to run up and down to get you anything, speedy service is not to be expected. In places like these, I really do feel like I’m in “the mission” of Delhi.


{Non-vegetarian (lamb) Thali – an Indian Sampler}


{Brick oven pizza – one of their specialites}


{Inspirational fried chicken – amazing flavor with a thai chili kick in the batter}


{Perhaps the best dish of the day: roasted pumpkin and tomato with farfalle pasta}

Grey Garden collage

{Snippets of decor and Sunday afternoon lounging}


{Rooftop view}


{My parents debating who is less “easy-going”}

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