Work it out

Fitness Timeline

Moving and traveling for work makes a regular workout schedule pretty hard to maintain. Each move and career change always involves losing key elements of whatever workout I’m used to. In the first months of arriving somewhere, you can usually find me flailing around doing things like running in deep smog, trying out the MIT jujitsu team (one of the more awkward experiences of my life), or taking three buses to get to the nearest squash court before I realize that I need to find something new. This transition is always hard, but looking back on all the different sports and activities I have done is kind of incredible – and enlightening in that they are all place-based. I have been in Delhi for three months and haven’t quite found what it will be here but try to remind myself that:

  1. Reinventing an active lifestyle is always possible; don’t get discouraged bt changes from a new move, job, or injury
  2. Being forced to do new things leads me to activities and sports I would have never known I love
  3. I will, in fact, find a new workout that I love in Delhi eventually. I just joined a new gym, Fitness First, in Connaught Place – wish me luck.
  4. Clipart is awesome!

Suggestions welcome!

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