Sugar and Spice


Last week I went to Jodhpur for work, and got a chance to check out the local clocktower market before heading home to Delhi. The place was bustling with everyday shoppers, cows, and plenty of tourists, and it was incredibly fun to peruse on a sunny evening after work.  Since I moved to Delhi, I still can’t bring myself to buy and use all these spices since I am still so overloaded with spices in everyday food outside of the home.  Even the cookies I’m given at meetings have curry in them.  I am pretty sure that my blood masala content is at least 10% on an average day in India.  But before I move away, I do plan to stock up on these spices because I know I’ll miss it like crazy wherever I go next.  South Asians must find the rest of the world so bland…


Jodhpur collage



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