Yeti (Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi)


{Unlimited Vegetarian Thali}

As somemone who loves tibetan food, I’d been dying to try Yeti in Hauz Khas Village. We finally made it the night before my parents arrived to Delhi, and now plan to take them back before they return to the US. While the decor and atmosphere is definitely geared to foreigners (who took up over half of the seats in the restaurant), the food had some good staples that I deeply miss from Nepal. I got chicken momos (steamed dumplings) with soup, and Evan got the Thali. After trying both I would more highly recommend the Thali, but only because I’ve got a refined dumpling pallet :). Also the Thali is unlimited, which Evan took pretty seriously to the staff’s surprise. I don’t think they were used to American appetites and portion expectations.


{Chicken momos and soup}

yeti collage

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