Bringing Adventures Home


When traveling for work I often forget to buy souvenirs, either because I don’t have time or I’m overwhelmed by quick and fleeting opportunities to buy things.  I’ve definitely gotten better with it the past couple of years, and now am the proud owner of an impressive ensemble of trinkets. They are the only thing that really gives my home personality, and also makes me feel surrounded by my years of adventures.  Last week I went to the desert in Jaisalmer and felt like I had gone to a whole other world.  I made sure to grab a momento of the camels, sand dunes, and sand stone that covered the landscape.  Don’t forget to bring your vacation home with you.


{Camels in the Jaiselmer sand dunes}


{The larger clay display in the clock tower market}


{Two camels and a horse that now live on our living room bookcase}

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