Studying in Shimla, India


{Shimla Valley on a foggy morning}

I spent this week in Himachal Pradesh and was pretty blown away by the beauty and how different it was than the rest of India I’ve seen.  I traveled to the state to do some scoping work for a study on rural road development, employment, and poverty reduction in the state.  The trip brought me back to my days in school and research, where days could be filled with talking to villagers in rural China now a lifetime ago in 2005.  The biggest difference today is that my main job is to connect studies like these directly to World Bank projects, not just to ask and answer research questions – and I feel pretty lucky to have this role.  So after many, many hours of talking to government officials, villagers, and construction contractors this week, I’m pretty ready to collapse in my hotel room before returning to Delhi tomorrow.  Have a great weekend!


{Peas and Spinach in the Countryside – I had to restrain myself from eating a handful on the spot}


{Busy hillside in Shimla}


{Amazingly detailed and intricate hand-drawn map of district roads}


{Final stroll through the city on a rainy evening}

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