Why Blog?


“So when do you start making money?” My mom asked me last week while discussing my blog. I could hear my Dad and Evan laugh in the background. “Mom, I’m afraid I probably won’t ever make money from the blog,” I responded. A confused, and maybe disappointed pause followed.

Since I started my blog, I’ve been really inspired by how many friends of mine are now considering (or have now started) blogging, despite it’s lack of cash rewards. I thought I would share some of the reasons why I blog to encourage those who may be on the fence:

  1. Posterity: I still remember how crazy my first auto rickshaw drive was, or the charm of the first group of uniformed school girls I saw walking together in Delhi. As those sentiments fade, autos become just an everyday necessity, and those school girls get lost in the background. Blogging helps me document and share these discoveries with others in real time, as well as with my future self.
  2. Keep in touch: My mom is the biggest fan of my blog.  Even when I’m not sure whether a blog post is good, I can be sure it will still at least get a “like” from my mom on facebook :).  It is nice to know that close family friends can check up on me when they want, which is wh y I want you all to blog!
  3. [Thoughtfully] Write and take pictures regularly: Someone once told me that writing is like any other muscle – you need to use it frequently to keep it strong; and this blog offers important cross training for my writing style. Also, as a novice photographer I now spend more time both taking pictures and reflecting what makes a picture “good.”
  4. Engage in areas of interest outside of work: Work is a huge part of my life, and blogging about it is a totally new way to process what I do. Blogging also allows me to more thoughtfully engage in interests outside of work and gauge peoples’ responses to them. Getting feedback on my blog from friends (or strangers) is already awesome. Keep it coming!

There are really a million other reasons why I blog, but at the end of the day it isn’t because I have something special to say or show.  It is because I want to build and share my thoughtful intentions regularly; and I’m excited to see how that takes shape.

10 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. I totally agree Debbie! I blog mostly to keep in touch with people and to practice writing. Maybe one day we’ll make money from this 😉

  2. Debbie, nice to find a fellow JPA-blogger!

    I was in a meeting with my team and director a few weeks ago partly to discuss the end of my term. The profile of the next person who can/will take over my position was brought up, which led to why I was chosen for the position out of the many applicants. They mentioned that my (personal) blog played a part because they were looking for someone with blogging and social media experience. So there. Blogging pays off, and it is possible to ‘make money’ from a blog!

    PS. Will I see you in Delhi?! I also have a blogging empire proposal when we meet!

    1. Hi Andrew! Yes, I still remembering reading your blog too when I first joined the Bank. Your advice on how to become a JPA was great! I would love to hear about your blogging empire proposal :). I’ll email you about meeting up in Delhi!

  3. Debbie,

    Your proud in-laws sent me the link to this fabulous blog. You are a great writer and thinker! I appreciate that you don’t post first drafts as so many bloggers do, which is why I follow so few. So keep on editing–that’s the most important part of writing–says the recently published novelist. (You can buy my book at Amazon India.)

    Your photos are wonderful too. I am really looking forward to seeing more of your time in India and your insights about it.

    Regards to the handsome husband I hear is loving his life in India.

    A Wedding Guest you Met Once

    1. Karen – Thank you so much! I totally agree about editing. That is how writing has always been for me: 10% writing, 90% editing. I also noticed on facebook that you were recently published – send me the details of your book!

      1. My book as an elevator speech: Just back from vacation in Malaysia and an inspirational cooking class, Amy is determined to continue the exhilaration of the trip with a dinner party for fun loving friends — and not succumb to the gloomy feeling that her body, the economy, and world affairs are all headed south. What’s more fun than cooking for friends? Like friendship and marriage, entertaining has surprises.”

        Much more to read and see about it on my web site which is miraculously hyperlinked into my comment name in your blog response. That’s a good WordPress trick. Thanks for asking about it. Karen-Tripson.com

  4. I really like your writing style and insight. I often want to document the special moments of my daily life before they fade in my memories but I was not able to do so due to my limited ability in English. As you mentioned, I think that my writing muscle must need a lot of exercises. 🙂

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