New Favorites


{Fantastic veggie burger and fries from Amici’s in Defense Colony}

Sometimes I would kill for a burger, fries, and shake that has the exact flavor and ingredients I grew up loving. Living abroad (or even out of your hometown) I go pretty far to find old comforts with food. A few weeks ago, I literally ran up an escalator at the airport in Delhi thinking I saw a sign for pho (Vietnamese beef stew) before realizing it was an acronym for Pizza Hut On Deliver (with a hard to read “D”). Kind of embarassing.

But these hunts actually often lead to me discovering great variations of old favorites in unexpected places. Veggie burgers are absolutely fantastic in India – there is enormous breadth and depth to them (no boring boca burgers), and they are always made from scratch. I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss beef burgers, but I know I’ll also miss these when I leave India too.

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