Type A: Positive or Negative?


Recently people have told me more and more that I am Type A*. “For us Type A kind of people…” “But you are so Type A,” “You are definitely going to be a tiger mom,” “Can you just let up for one second?!”

I never used to think of myself this way. I thought I was easy going, open, even flexible. Perhaps I am in some ways, but I have noticed my interest (read: obsession) to do things correctly and efficiently has slowly crept into more aspects of my life. Exhibit A: I have already spent way too long on the small piece of the internet that is this blog post.  Looking at this cartoon I can’t help but think of all the things that could be better, or that just aren’t good enough.  I have combed over each word in this post and rewritten them more times than I would like to admit. I have even pestered my husband to read and re-read this post perhaps a dozen times – and all for a post ABOUT HOW TO DEAL WITH BEING TYPE A?

The reality is that nothing can ever be good enough unless I let it be. I’ve been trying to catch myself in these moments of chasing self-imposed deadlines and details to ask myself, “Is this really necessary?” Being Type A can help me get what I want at times, but it can also make me too hard on myself, and even worse, those around me.  So today I’m going to create a goal that is not too big by letting a silly, imperfect Type A cartoon go up onto the world wide web.  Hope my Type A brothers and sisters enjoy.

*According to the internet, Type A Personality is defined as “a temperament characterized by excessive ambition, agression, competitiveness, drive,  impatience, need for control, focus on quantity and quality and unrealistic sense of urgency.”

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