Khan Market


{A view of the front of the market}

The past two weeks have been hectic with back to back to back work trips around India. I feel lucky to get to see so much of the country, but my personal life has basically been put on hold. I got to be in Delhi on a Saturday and had lunch with a new friend and indulged in some retail therapy in Khan Market. While they don’t have the best deals in town, the quality of all the shops is great, and prices are fixed (to my knowledge) so I can idly shop, select and buy without haggling. Khan Market holds some of the most expensive real estate in Delhi, and definitely a prime location for filming of “The Real Housewives of New Delhi.”  Still, in true Delhi fashion you can still find yourself tripping over wires and broken concrete between buying your gucci glasses and eating a wood-fired pizza at Amici’s.  But people are willing to pay for a high end scene, which Khan Market definitely delivers.


{A view from the center of the market}


{Beautiful notebooks and scarves sold in Anokhi, a popular Indian clothing store}

DSC_0982 DSC_1065

{Retail therapy rewards from silverline, one of my favorite indulgences in Khan Market)

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