First Aid Kit


One of the most difficult things while traveling is being sick, and finding medicine in the face of language and transport barriers can be miserable. A girlfriend of mine once had to go in search of yeast infection medication while living in China, but she had no idea how to translate what she needed. Eventually she resorted to going from pharmacy to pharmacy telling people in Chinese that her vagina had broken, which somehow eventually got the point across.

Hence, I always pack a personal pharmacy of medication wherever I travel. I compiled a quick list of some must-haves that can heal all types of ailments, even a broken vagina.

1. Pepto – or any all purpose stomach reliever, preferably pill form to avoid leaks
2. Tums smoothies – great for instant relief and way better than regular tums
3. Pain killers – tylenol (easy on stomach) and advil (joint/ligament pain)
4. Bandaids – every size
5. Immodium – because s#!+ can get real
6. Benedryl – tablets and cream
7. Neosporin
8. Powder gatorate – individual servings, for dehydration from terrible things
9. Sudafed – or any decongestant, flying with congestion can hurt
10. Tissues – particularly for international bathrooms
11. Dayquil/Nightquil
12. Monistat – see above
13. Pepcid AC – spicy food abroad can kill
14. Cipro – the pill of last resort; never had to use it, but have heard too many bad stories not to carry it!  Ask your doctor for it before you travel

3 thoughts on “First Aid Kit

    1. Awesome :). I just realized the other day that I forgot to add mosquito repellant to the list. Buy 100% deet (super concentrated so you don’t need to pack much), just need a few drops!

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