Some weathered luggage at an the Old Delhi Railway Station.

More and more I only view belongings in the form of luggage. If I consider a purchase or admire a friend’s home furnishing, I instantly picture how you could move it. First by car, then by airplane, then by postage. Could it fit in a box? Suitcase? Is it fragile? Could you have room to cushion it a suitcase? And most importantly, how much does it weigh?

I am embarrassed to admit the number of times I have frantically rearranged my luggage at the airport when one suitcase was overweight; showing my underwear and chaotic packing regiment for all the united counter staff.  When Evan and I moved to India he choose to wear four coats for the entire journey to avoid the overweight charges.  Did I mention we were flying business class?

For my wedding last year, my Aunt May bought me a great gift: a hand scale that you can easily fit in your purse and use to check your luggage weight before you arrive to the airport. The luggage scale was accidentally packed when we moved to India, hence Evan’s intense 20 hour sweat-a-thon from IAD to DEL. Next time, I will set aside the scale.


A large luggage trolly you can pay to have move your luggage pretty quickly and gracefully to your train seat. No weight limits applied :).


One thought on “Overweight

  1. “he choose to wear four coats for the entire journey to avoid the overweight charges.” And this is why we love Evan.

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