Why Delhi

DSC_0276In September 2011 I moved to Washington, DC for a job with the World Bank to work on transportation development loans/projects in South Asia.  Many plane rides and hotel rooms later it was July, I had just gotten married, and was looking forward to a year with only more days away from home.  “If only we could just move there instead,” I remember sighing in bed on our honeymoon, saying it more to myself than to him.  To my surprise, Evan was intrigued, wanted to learn more, and kept growing more supportive.  Making big decisions like this together don’t happen overnight, and took a lot of comprimise and understanding from both of us as we began to plan our life together.  Months later, we moved out of DC and flew into Delhi to a whole new world of possibilities.  And I don’t have to go through customs to come home anymore.

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