Christmas in Delhi: Tree Shopping


The hunt for a tree in Delhi started with pretty bleak.  Evan and I had seen some pretty ugly plastic trees; some really just looked like a bunch of green feather dusters glued together. Even more so, I couldn’t bring myself to buy something that would just end up in dump, or river, or sewage alley of Delhi after our fleeting use.  Finally, right after Evan’s brother Nate arrived to Delhi, we were leaving the house when two men slowed down in front of our house to show us an assortment of planted trees. We had talked about getting a local plant to decorate with lights, ornaments, etc. that we could later display outside on the terrace for the next year (a little less wasteful, and more multipurpose).  The men began showing us their selection, one by one taking plants off of their carts. Suddenly I saw it – a skinny, real live Christmas Tree. When my mom saw it she (after laughing) said, “It looks like Evan!”  Nate and I both locked in on it, and the man even said with an excited, thick accent, “Christmas tree!” knowing that it was as good as sold.  $15 later we had a skinny Christmas tree in our house, which will soon move up to our terrace to embrace the warmer months of Delhi with us together.


Evan’s brother, Nate decorating the tree – showing just how puny our tree is.


Evan’s Dad, Bill, in front of the tree on Christmas night.

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