Hotel Living

Relaxing by the pool after a morning of aparrtment hunting
Relaxing by the pool after a morning of aparrtment hunting

When we first arrived to Delhi we lived in a hotel for just over two weeks. We roughed it at the Imperial hotel, which was decadent, beautiful, and had amazing service. But at the end of the day, living in a hotel is still just two people in one room, eating crap from the mini-bar late at night while talking about all the things they will get when they finally have a place. Over the past few years I have clocked in a lot of times in hotels, and though it was INFINITELY better with Evan there (we can be quoted on multiple counts over the first four days saying, “We could get used to this,”), the lifestyle still wore on us. But we still had some amazing times as captured in these photos. If only we could have spread those first two weeks of hotel nights across the first several months of Delhi.

DSC_0328A neat, and impressive back entrance to the hotel.


The ornamental (and ahem, colonial) touches to all the architecture and lanscaping.


One of my favorite parts of the hotel when we arrived: a lobby full of fragrant orchids.  Beautiful, and made the whole hotel smell amazing.


I make a point to using all hotel amenities I can, down to the very last robe :).

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